Tickets Now On Sale For The 3rd Annual Food Book Fair

tickets on sale for food book fair
Image: Food Book Fair

Calling all foodies (or those with a will to sustain their lives): the 3rd Annual Food Book Fair is coming!

Tickets for the massive three-day event, which will take place at the Wythe Hotel from April 25-27, are officially on sale.

Somehow, the organizers managed to outdo themselves this year and we couldn’t be more excited about the lineup. Some highlights:

  • An event featuring 20+ homebrewers and their wares
  • To Kill A Mockingbird-themed dinner from the geniuses at Egg, which probably just means lots of delicious Southern-inspired cuisine
  • A mini-festival featuring more than 20 indie food magazines (Lucky Peach, anyone?)
  • A schoolyard/petting zoo at Smorgasburg for the kiddies
  • A talk on the science of umami led by biophysicist Ole Mouritsen and chef pair Chez Jose

And, finally, there will be a whole lot of food-related books to check out because this is the Food Book fair after all.

Ticket prices range from completely free to $225, which is how much a The All-Access Insider Pass will set you back. In between, there is the $45 Entrepreneur Pass, the $50 Food Pass and the $100 Weekender Pass. You can find more detailed descriptions of each pass here.

Here’s hoping the next 30 days just fly by.

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