Ballsy Teen Sneaks To The Top Of 1 WTC, Takes Pictures

Ballsy Teen Sneaks To The Top Of 1 WTC, Takes Pictures
Casquejo standing before his own version of Moby Dick. Image: Facebook

Oh, the recklessness of youth.

The kid’s name is Justin Casquejo. He’s 16 years old. He’s from Weehawken, New Jersey. And he’s got a pair on him.

According to the Post, Casquejo crawled through a hole in a fence, snuck past several layers of security at 4 a.m. this past Sunday and made it to the 88th floor via elevator and then trekked all the way to the 104th floor. When he arrived at the top floor the assigned security guard was fast asleep à la 1990s kids movies. For two hours, Casquejo took pictures and enjoyed the spectacular view.

Unfortunately, all the fun came to an end when a worker finally caught him. Casquejo has been charged with a misdemeanor trespassing charge, though it should be noted that this kid is basically the Bran Stark of New Jersey teens and one little run-in with the police probably won’t stop him. He’s been known to climb to semi-dangerous heights on the regular.

Here’s hoping he doesn’t happen upon the Lannisters next time he does this.

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