Dirck The Norseman’s On-Site Brewery Opens Today

Dirck The Norseman's On-Site Brewery Opens Today
Photo: Yuka Yoneda via Inhabitat

It seems like it took forever for Dirck the Norseman, the brewpub from Brouwerij Lane owner Ed Raven, to open, but six weeks later the place is up and running and we’ve heard nothing but good things…with one exception.

The “brew” half of the brewpub wasn’t quite open yet.

Today, that changes. Starting at 3 p.m this afternoon, Dirck’s brew half, Greenpoint Beer & Ale Co., will officially make its way to the pub’s taps. Headbrewer Chris Prout gave the folks over at Brew York a tour of the new brewery in February and it features two ten-barrel fermenters, four five-barrel fermenters, two bright tanks and a walk-in cooler. All this means that (1) Raven and Prout aren’t effing around and (2) you’ll be able to buy Greenpoint Beer & Ale Co. brews throughout Brooklyn.

Here’s the full list of beers that will be on tap today:


Brewed with 100% New York state grain malted in Massachusetts by Valley Malt, and influenced by the witbiers of Belgium. This ale is dry, refreshing, spicy, and tart with notes of citrus, clove, and biscuits. Late kettle spicing with grains of paradise and coriander.


Modeled after the Rauchbiers of Bamberg, Germany, ours is a malt-driven, unfiltered golden lager. Honey and cereal malt flavors blend into a smooth, smoky finish.


Our first beer brewed here at GB&ACO. An American Pale Ale with generous Amarillo and Simcoe hop additions balanced by a supporting malt bill. Expect tangerine, pine, tropical fruit, caramel and toast finding time.


An easy lover fighter. We deploy a dizzying array of rich English malts to lend a brown sugar, coffee, bread crust, and honey‘d nuts flavor to this Mild ale. Big punch in a small package.


A fiesty firkin front-loaded with two ounces of Amarillo hops, lending a candied orange character.


A tribute beer to the “Cheesebox on a raft.” The ironclad USS Monitor was assembled just a squealed curse away from our brewery. Earthy, nutty, tobacco, and dark chocolate flavors in this Porter.

ASH ST. IPA (7.6%)

With just a touch of malt sweetness this golden hued ale exhibits full floral and fruity hop flavors. Tongue coating hop oils complements of Pacific Jade, Citra, and Centennial hops. The first exploratory beer from our lupulin advisory committee.


Our Imperial IPA’s hazy hops provide piney, dank, resiny, tropical, and stone fruit flavors. Light malt character and a kettle addition of Tupelo honey make this one drink easy. So many hops and so much honey that it will put us in the red. Bottom line, this beer is unsustainable.

So, we’ll see you guys there?

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