At Bushwick’s Miles, The Beer-and-Grilled Cheese Pairings We’ve Been Waiting For All This Time

Image courtesy of  Travis Dubreuil/Miles
Image courtesy of Travis Dubreuil/Miles

Well, this was a pretty welcome thing to find in our inboxes yesterday: an announcement that Miles, one of Bushwick’s most beloved cocktail bars, will be hosting a weeklong “Tap Takeover” by Barrier Brewing Co., and pairing each beer with a different type of grilled cheese from their menu. Ideal, no?

The whole thing is timed to coincide with the first day of spring, and will run March 20th through 26th. The bar’s owner and manager Daniel Romero said, “We’ve never tapped a Barrier beer we didn’t absolutely love,” and added via email that they concocted the grilled cheese pairings partly as a way to narrow down the choice between Barrier’s different brews. “Our goal with our grilled cheese menu is to offer something for every palate and Barrier approaches their brewing in much the same manner. And, since beer and cheese have similar flavor profiles, we were able to create harmonious pairings that are accessible to everyone,” Romero said.

Not as ubiquitous a pairing as say, burgers and beer or pizza and beer, but then, not exactly a tough sell, either. The “tap takeover” menu is as follows:

Evil Giant IPA (6.4%) & Sergeant Pepper (Vermont cheddar and swiss, jalapeño relish, and pickled onions on sourdough)

Icculus German-style Kölsch (5.1%) & Barbarella (mozarella, tomato, basil, and garlic-herb butter on ciabatta)

Kapow! Extra Pale Ale (7.0%) & Tony Baloney (Vermont cheddar and swiss, mortadella, and grain mustard on sourdough)

Bittersweet American Pale Ale (5.6%) & Plain Jane (the classic with american cheese on sourdough)

Oil City India Black Ale (6.0%) & Sofia Petrillo (fontina, sopressata piccante, and arugula-walnut pesto on ciabatta)

Greenroom American Pale Ale (5.4%) & Rocket Man (Vermont cheddar and swiss, red pepper tapenade, pickled zucchini, and arugula on sourdough)

Barnacle American Brown Ale (6.2%) & Venus as a Boy (prosciutto cotto, brie, and sweet hot mustard on ciabatta)

Do with this information what you will.

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