Forget Bottomless Brunch, Check Out Our Six Favorite Brooklyn Brunch Spots

Best Brunches in Brooklyn

I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about brunch, and I understand that, I really do! It’s hard to imagine what could possible be worth dragging your (possibly hungover) self out of a nice, warm apartment just for the opportunity to stand on line for an hour in the freezing cold and all for a plate of French toast and a steady stream of mimosas, which will only contribute to your headache because of how cheap the champagne is at places that feature bottomless brunches. But I would never tell you to do something like that! It’s uncivilized. No, the kind of brunch I like is really more like, well, lunch. But on the weekends! And full of alcoholic drinks that absolutely do not involve cheap, watery champagne and metallic-tasting orange juice. No, the following places are among the best restaurants in Brooklyn, which just so happen to also feature some of the best brunch options anywhere in the city. And, sure, they can get a little crowded if you arrive at noon or one. But don’t do that! Sleep in and stumble forth closer to three o’clock. And then prepare to have what will probably be the best meal of your week.


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