Jessa Blades: On the Importance of “Magic Powder”



No. 12

Jessa Blades

On the Importance of “Magic Powder”


Do you believe in magic? We didn’t. At least, not until we tried the Magic Powder from Jessa Blades’s eponymous skincare line. And then? Well, then we were converts. Not when it comes to believing in magic, of course (we’re adults!), but converts when it comes to believing in the power of products with all-natural ingredients.

Blades is a multi-year veteran of the beauty business as well as an herbalist, and her all-natural line ranges from makeup products and hand salves to her special blended Mountain Woman herbal tea. They’re all designed to make us feel better from the inside out, and Blades’s holistic approach to beauty products really works, leaving our skin clear and glowing, which, really, is probably a sort of magic after all.


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