cora ny: Outfitting the Real “Brooklyn Girl”


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cora ny

Outfitting the Real “Brooklyn Girl”

Ah, the Brooklyn Girl. Pop culture tells us she’s impeccably styled and uniquely stylish, with no qualms about dropping hundreds of dollars on the perfect vintage dress or torturing herself with sky-high heels. But in reality, she’s also struggling to pay rent, and she’s far more interested in comfort than she’s maybe supposed to admit. Since 2010, cora ny has been designing dresses, tops and accessories with these real-world Brooklyn women in mind. “The accessibility of the dresses in terms of the style and price are definitely a conscious goal,” founder Erika Nakajima says. “In contrast to trying to produce unusual, unconventional designs, we try to follow a simple philosophy: clean lines and prints. I want to create dresses that are easily worn with other items in
your closet.”

Cut from unusual interpretations of traditional prints with eye-catching pops of color, the pieces are comfortable and unpretentious; plus, they suit both a variety of body types and a variety of budgets (dresses range from about $50-$75). And we particularly appreciate the makeshift dressing room cora ny added to its corner at Artists & Fleas, because, well, we want to try stuff on before shelling out money for it. It’s such details that signal cora ny isn’t outfitting the type of Brooklyn Girl that exists solely on the screen. Instead, it’s paying attention to the needs—both aesthetic and practical—of the real Brooklyn Girl.


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