Brooklyn’s Other Chinatown

Photo by Austin McAllister

No. 7

Brooklyn’s Other Chinatown

Snuggled between Bensonhurst and Gravesend, Bath Beach may traditionally have been a stronghold for Brooklyn’s Italian-American community, but nowadays it’s a heck of a lot easier to find congee and bubble tea than loaves of lard bread and rounds of fresh mozz. That’s because it’s shaping up to rival Sunset Park as Brooklyn’s preeminent Chinatown. Here are some decidedly non-Italian eateries to try. Hi Tea Café Neon-lighted bubble tea shops are plentiful on 86th Street, but we prefer this spot for our chewy boba, particularly the creamy taro with tapioca or the refreshing passion fruit with jelly. 2114 86th Street

Café Avat NYC’s only Kyrgyz eatery happens to be on Bath Avenue, serving Central Asian dishes with influences from all over the Silk Road, including China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. 2158 Bath Avenue

86 Wong Chinese Restaurant One of the more established restaurants in the neighborhood, this is a favorite of local families, who congregate around oversized tables for roast duck or pig, wiggly jellyfish, or sizzling carp casseroles. It’s also a good breakfast destination for sweet fried bread, steamed rice rolls and savory congee. 2210 86th Street

Lily Bloom Bakery There’s little that differentiates Bath Beach’s numerous Chinese bakeries, but in addition to carrying our personal favorites (like glutinous sesame balls and red bean buns), this place offers truly excellent egg tarts, with smooth, supple custards and delicate butter crusts. 2220 86th Street

Chui Hong Yuan This red-bannered restaurant doesn’t exactly stand out from other Chinese stops on the strip, but it’s your best bet for soup buns, exotic ingredients like sea cucumber, and “little bit of everything” noodles. 1869 Bath Avenue


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