Sixpoint Brewery Hops The Pond

Sixpoint Brewing coming to the U.K.
Image: Sixpoint Brewery

Here’s a new chapter for the epic “trés Brooklyn” saga: Sixpoint is going to the U.K. According to Grub Street, the Red Hook brewery recently brokered a major deal with pub chain, J D Wetherspoon, which boasts 900 locations throughout Great Britain. The deal, which goes into effect next month will put three Sixpoint beers in all  J D Wetherspoon locations.

The starting lineup will consist of The Crisp (a German pilsner-style, 5.4% ABV), Sweet Action (a cream ale-style, 5.2% ABV) and Bengal Tiger (an American IPA-style, 6.4% ABV), all core members of the Sixpoint team. But! There’s one major difference:

The beers won’t be sold in the 16 oz. cans we’ve come to know and love. Instead, J D Wetherspoon will sell Sixpoint brews in devastatingly cute 355 ml. (~12 oz.) “nano-kegs:


Sixpoint Beers coming to the U.K.
Image: Eating Isn’t Cheating

Eating Isn’t Cheating has a theory that the cans were made smaller to keep their price in line with the affordability people expect from J D Wetherspoon. Whatever the case, we’re just glad Sixpoint is making this big move. It’s exactly the type of milestone a brewery should reach in its tenth year and now we don’t have to worry about being too homesick for Brooklyn if we ever find ourselves in the U.K.

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