The Most Effortlessly Romantic Bars and Restaurants in Brooklyn

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Illustration by Sarah Lutkenhaus

Romance is a funny thing, isn’t it? The word itself rarely gets spoken in earnest by anyone under the age of 40, and using it feels as archaic as, I don’t know, saying the word “lover.” Of course, maybe this is because we don’t want to think too hard about romance or how we manipulate it in pursuit of something else. Romance is something we just want to exist. Romance is something in which we want to be swept away. Even though romance is something upon which couples new and seasoned frequently need to work, we don’t want to feel like we’re making too much of an effort. Romance might not be easy, but we want it to seem like it is, which is why the kind of places that always get touted as being ultra-romantic (we won’t name any names, but they know who they are) have always left us cold.

After all, romance isn’t just a view of Manhattan or a crackling fireplace. Romance is the view of the person across from you; romance is the fire in that person’s eyes. And so to that end, we have found some of the most effortlessly romantic places in Brooklyn for you to visit on Valentine’s Day and beyond, so that you don’t have to worry about romance too much—we’ve already done it for you.


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