The Best Anti-Valentine’s Day Playlist

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Illustration by Sarah Lutkenhaus

I’ve been single MANY times on Valentine’s Day. Thinking back now on those bitter February evenings, I realize that the worst part was not that I was alone. Rather, it’s other people’s intense pity and their dogmatic belief that you should be in a relationship. There is simply too much focus on “the partner” and the idea that some staggering romance does or should exist between two people. Hell, some of the best nights of my life have been when I took on the city single-handedly, walking up to a bar and ordering the most expensive whiskey, standing right by the stage at Death by Audio in silence.

This playlist is in defense of being single and not about lingering on sadness. And let’s not forget that Valentine’s Day is not just about having a girlfriend or boyfriend, it’s also about mountains of chocolate, tiny Batman greeting cards, and roses. If you are single, give yourself exactly what you want.


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