Our Favorite Writers Recount the Most Romantic Things They’ve Ever Read

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Illustration by Sarah Lutkenhaus

Writing about romance is not always easy; far too often a writer drifts into cliché, or is overly cautious of cliché and misses the mark altogether, leaving the reader cold. And yet the best writing that revolves around the concept of love frequently counts as some of the best writing that we’ve ever read. This is probably because the experience of love and romance is one that we’re inclined to want to share with someone else, and so when we recognize our own feelings reflected on the page and feel for a moment the universality of human experience, we…get excited.

So in the spirit of love and romance, we asked some of our favorite writers about some of the most romantic things they’ve ever read, the kind of things that when you read you can’t help but think, or even say out loud, “yes yes yes!”


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