Brooklyn’s Sexiest Dishes for Two

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Illustration by Sarah Lutkenhaus

Admittedly, we’ve never been that great at sharing, especially where food is concerned. And to our great dismay, the bewildering small-plates trend refuses to die, somehow convincing folk that it’s great fun to divide three tiny, exorbitantly priced bites amongst four famished, cash-poor diners.

But come Valentine’s Day, even we can admit that fork wrestling over communal plates seems an especially sexy conceit, a perfect excuse for fun, playful flirting à la Lady and the Tramp, and not a last ditch effort to stave off hunger pains. Of course, our favorite dishes are those that are legitimately designed to satisfy two, from the fatty, dripping fondue at The JakeWalk to the lusty lobster cassoulet at the Elm. Hopefully, your lover knows better than to nab the last chunk of tail meat.


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