Brooklyn First Dates That Will (Probably) Help You Find Love

Morbid Anatomy Library at Proteus Gowanus
While we’re very excited for the Morbid Anatomy Library to move into a larger, more permanent space when the Morbid Anatomy Museum opens this spring, no need to wait to check out some taxidermied kittens having a tea party. (Goes without saying, though, that this isn’t something to spring on someone for the first date. Make sure you’re both into this kind of thing, or it could get weird.) The library is open to visitors from 2-6pm on Saturdays, and happens to be located inside Proteus Gowanus [], meaning you can spend the afternoon checking out their small, pleasantly odd exhibitions, then head over to Lavendar Lake for an early drink—no better way to cap off a day like this than with a “Hand of Doom” cocktail, after all.
Proteus Gowanus, 543 Union St.
Lavender Lake, 383 Carroll St.


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