A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For The Thoughtful, Besotted Brooklynite

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Illustration by Sarah Lutkenhaus


Pendant, Yellow Owl Work Shop, $44
A fun opportunity to play around a little (and adjust depending on where you’re at in the relationship)—you could go classic romantic with a venn diagram or the “je t’aime” heart, or go for something beautiful but more abstract, like the terrarium or my personal favorite, the neon infinity triangle.
Yellow Owl Workshop, $44

BYAMT Strap Leather Key Rings
If you’re taking a big step like giving someone the keys to your apartment (or castle, if you will) best to do it right and put them on a timeless stunner of a keychain. And nothing says love like sparing your significant other the unpleasant task of putting keys on a key ring. Like we always say.
BuyAMT, $16.50-$20

Cuff Links, Digby & Iona
Best to know your audience for this one—cufflinks take a certain level of commitment—but for something thoughtful and understated that’ll suit almost anyone’s style, Digby & Iona has you covered (we’re particularly into the “Diamond” pattern).
DigbyandIona.com, $120-$220

Mary Green 1930s Chemise, Brooklyn Fox
Lingerie’s a classic couple’s gift for a reason: everyone involved can enjoy it, and it’s one of those things people rarely actually buy for themselves. Brooklyn Fox continues to be the best in the game, and has sets, slips, and accessories to match just about every taste (this chemise is particularly foolproof). Maybe don’t bring it as a first date offering, but other than that, right for pretty much any occasion.
Brooklyn Fox, $121

Brooklyn Animal Design Greeting Cards
We like any excuse we can find to pick up Brooklyn Animal’s lovely, handpainted cards, and Valentine’s Day is one of the best. Give ‘em to your coworkers, give ‘em to your single friends, give ‘em to yourself to stick on the fridge.
Brooklyn Animal, Etsy, $4.50

Stainless Steel Pocket Knife, Wolves Within
A good, unisex choice for Valentine’s skeptics, this is both a reminder that sometimes the most romantic gifts are the most practical ones and a guarantee that if you have a spur-of-the-moment picnic in the park (maybe not in this weather, but eventually), you’ll actually be able to open that bottle of wine.
Wolves Within, $20

Nunu Chocolates
If there’s one thing everyone can actually agree on with Valentine’s Day, it’s that it’s one of the best candy holidays of the year, right? So skip the drugstore Russell Stover (or at least, skip it until it goes on sale on the 15th) and pick up something delicious and local. Nunu has a perfect “something for everyone” assortment, whether your significant other’s into classic caramel, salty-sweet combos, boozy chocolates, or even absinthe.
Nunu, $8-$20

Valentine’s Couples Dinner from Brooklyn Kitchen
Everyone knows that at a certain point, just staying in to cook with a bottle of wine and no disturbances is one of the very best dates there is. If your pasta game is getting a little tired, though, no time like the present to get a few pointers from Brooklyn Kitchen’s Valentine’s Date Night Class (running at both their Brooklyn and Manhattan locations), which offers easy instructions on putting together simple, delicious, farm fresh meals. The menu for the evening includes oysters on the half shell and wine pairing from Vine Wine, so even if you don’t have a date, well worth grabbing a friend and making a night of it.
Brooklyn Kitchen, $275

Cacao Prieto Don Estaban Cacao Liqueur
This miraculous Red Hook distillery turns out impeccable booze and chocolates, and this bottle represents the best of both worlds. A nice addition to anyone’s home bar, and perfect as a light aperitif or, if you’re going bigger, something to incorporate into your dessert. They’ve also got a cacao rum, if you’re going for something with a bit more of a kick.
Astor Wines, $47.99

A Trip to Body By Brooklyn
So, there are a lot of ways you can go with this one, all of them good. You can give your significant other a day to themselves (a $45 day pass grants access to the wet lounge for hydrotherapy), you could go together, buy individual treatments like massages and facials, or you can spring for the VIP Couples Suite ($250 for the first hour, $100 per hour after that) which includes a private jacuzzi and steam room, champagne, and “butler service.” There’s also a full bar on site, so however you decide to play it, it’ll be a relaxing day.
Body by Brooklyn, $45-$250

Shot Through the Heart Flask, Milly and Earl
This one should be self-explanatory. If we had to backseat drive, though, we’d tell you to fill it up with your intended’s drink of choice. Everyone appreciates a well-made flask, of course, but they appreciate it a lot more when it’s full.
Milly and Earl, $28


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