NYPD Takes Down Abe Lincoln-Loving Graffiti Artist

NYPD catches Abraham Lincoln graffiti artist
Image via jbrancaccio

We get it. Some people don’t like graffiti (though the Museum of the City of New York would like to change that). As ubiquitous as the stuff is, the creation and dissemination of graffiti art is still seen as a menace to the city. Today, Sheepshead Bites reports that one such creator and disseminator of graffiti art, AINAC (Art Is Not A Crime), has been apprehended by the boys in blue.

AINAC, a.k.a. Vladimir Bubnov, was caught when officers pulled him over for failing to signal. Turns out Bubnov also had a suspended license and it really devolved from there. Next, the cops were searching his trunk and discovered “five graffiti stencils and seven cans of spray paint.”

If Bubnov is guilty of what the police are saying he’s guilty of, then the 24-year-old is responsible for dozens of spray painted images of this great nation’s 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. Dude was working overtime to get the president’s face out there:

The images can be seen at almost every Belt Parkway overpass and subway easement, as well as on the sides of many businesses, from Mill Basin to Bay Ridge.

As of yet, there’s no word on a court date for Bubnov, but there may be a sliver of hope for him. Initial reports of the tagger described him as “a male Hispanic wearing a blue hard hat and an orange vest with silver reflective stripes.” We don’t mean to be presumptuous, but Bubnov doesn’t quite fit that description.

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