Another Day, Another F Train Nightmare

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 10.12.09 AM
So nice of you to show up.

What a good morning this was to come into the office, to push through the piles of wet snow in the name of having a productive start to the week. To forget all the other recent F train nightmares and forge ahead regardless. To stand at the Essex station for 25 minutes, breathing in the smoky fumes from an apparent track fire on the uptown track, waiting it out because “a downtown train is at Broadway-Lafayette.”

Then, it was also a good morning to get crushed by the crowd waiting and getting off at the York station, where the attendant refused to give anyone transfers, insisting that the trains that weren’t running were running. Supposedly, service has now resumed with delays, but oof. That was a rough one. Anyone else just deal with this? Gonna go home and call today a wash? Anyway, here’s a look at the tiny little fire that probably ruined your morning:

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