‘Beastie Boys Square’ Isn’t Going To Happen

The Beastie Boys performing in London in 2010. Photo: Dan Morelle

This story may be taking place in the Lower East Side, but it’s distinctly Brooklyn, wouldn’t you agree?

Wednesday night, Community Board 3 almost unanimously agreed (24-1) to deny Leroy McCarthy’s petition to rename the corner of Ludlow and Rivington streets, where the album cover for the group’s seminal album Paul’s Boutique was photographed, ‘Beastie Boys Square’ on the grounds that the late Adam Yauch never demonstrated the minimum 15 years of community service required to honor such a request.

McCarthy says he was “blindsided” by the decision after being told he’d have another chance to present his case in February.

“They did not given me a chance to be heard at the committee, which was the arrangement that had been made,” McCarthy told DNAinfo.

CB3 district manager Susan Stetzer explained their decision to McCarthy via email, saying that they wanted to save the 46-year-old hours of work over a petition that was ultimately going to be rejected. Still, one community board member wasn’t totally on board with the decision.

“The wise thing and fair thing to have been done would be to let him return to the committee,” said Chad Marlow, the one member to vote in favor of McCarthy. “This isn’t about the Beastie Boys. It is about showing respect for the community.”

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