“Free” Things: $886M For The MTA; Free Flu Shots In Crown Heights

The MTA will soon be flush with federal cash. Photo via USA Pics

These days it’s pretty hard to think of positive things to say about the government (read: NSA, gov’t shutdown, cuts in food stamps and unemployment aid, etc.). We really could go on. And yet, sometimes they come through for We, The People and today is one of those days.

First, DNAinfo reports that the NYC Health Department will administer free flu shots in Crown Heights this weekend to curb the effects of flu season. The shots are meant to address concerns about the extremely low vaccination rates among the neighborhood’s elderly immigrant population, but the event is open to everyone, especially the 70 percent of young adults walking around the city just waiting to be knocked out by the flu. Those interested in avoiding such a fate can head to the Crown Heights First Baptist Church (400 Eastern Parkway at Bedford Ave.) from 1:30 to 4 p.m to get the vaccination.

Our second bit of news comes straight from the mouth of Senator Chuck Schumer who announced today that the Feds are handing the MTA $886 million dollars for Hurricane Sandy repairs. As we New Yorkers know all too well, there’s still a lot of work to be done. According to Gothamist, the funds will “primarily go towards reimbursing repairs in the heavily damaged Montague, Greenpoint and Steinway subway tunnels.” What’s more, this initial windfall is only a fraction of a total $3.79 billion promised to the MTA by the Federal Transit Administration.

Good for you, MTA. You go, MTA. If all this cash will release us from the sweet, sweet nightmare that is 7, R and G train service, we’ll take it.

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