Brooklyn’s Best Juice Spots (and What to Drink!)


It was maybe a year or two ago that we were picking up groceries at Union Market when we noticed some bottles of juice in the refrigerated section. One of the flavors featured pineapple and mint and we thought it looked good and everyone was talking about juicing and maybe we would try a cold-pressed juice ourselves! And then we picked up the bottle and saw that it cost $11.99 and we laughed out loud (yes! it was an lol irl and it was spectacular) and we put the juice back and bought our wedge of cheese and baguette which probably cost about $15 all together and wondered to ourselves what was the point of being healthy if we would also be broke? 

But so, time has passed and we have jumped on the fresh juice bandwagon. Have we had a huge influx of cash so that the whole “being healthy through green juice” thing has become more feasible? Well, no. But we have started to reprioritize how we allocate our food budget, because we want our money to go to things that taste good, yes, but also that make us feel good. And we don’t suggest spending $12 on a packaged bottle of juice when you could spend about half that on a customized concoction at one of these amazing juice spots that grace our borough. And while it used to be pretty hard to find a fresh juice bar (what are we LA?), they’ve now begun sprouting up like, uh, wheatgrass (yes, maybe we are LA). Here are 10 of our favorite spots, along with what to order when you’re there.


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