The 12 Best New Brooklyn Chefs of 2013


John Avila of Morgan’s: Is there any more proof needed that Brooklyn is smack in the center of a great barbecue boom? Exhibit A: This honky tonk Prospect Heights spot, starring pitmaster John Avila. Now known for his tasty turkey tails and Frito pie, Avila originally made his name dry-rubbing brisket and pulling pork at the famed Franklin Barbecue in Texas, largely considered to be one of the best smoked meat joints in the country.

267 Flatbush Ave., (718) 622-2224


  1. I think its ridiculous that these “magazines” hand out such accolades, without any background research on there subjects. To hand out a” best of” in any category without doing your homework, detracts from any validity of the article. John Avilla is a decent BBQ Dude, but he’s far from being a Chef! I’m not placing all the blame on your reporting. I’m sure to some extent, you were mislead by your subjects and the proprietors of this establishment. They’re integrity is questionable. In fact, I would be curious to hear what Aaron might say, of his time at Franklins? Don’t believe the Hype!


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