The 12 Best New Brooklyn Chefs of 2013

BKM_OPENBehind every great restaurant there stands a great chef. Or, more frequently, a number of great chefs. And because there was such a wealth of notable openings this year, we wound up being introduced to a whole lot of incredible talent. Granted, few of these toques are actual neophytes to the dining scene, but each has made a significant impact on the way Brooklyn ate this year, which is why we’ve named them the best new chefs of 2013.


  1. I think its ridiculous that these “magazines” hand out such accolades, without any background research on there subjects. To hand out a” best of” in any category without doing your homework, detracts from any validity of the article. John Avilla is a decent BBQ Dude, but he’s far from being a Chef! I’m not placing all the blame on your reporting. I’m sure to some extent, you were mislead by your subjects and the proprietors of this establishment. They’re integrity is questionable. In fact, I would be curious to hear what Aaron might say, of his time at Franklins? Don’t believe the Hype!


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