Sponsored: Join the American Cancer Society and Make Noise to Fight Cancer

New York City’s homeless have been making headlines this past week, and many of us wonder what we can do to make it better. Homelessness can take on many forms, and be affected by a number of issues that are often left unspoken. One of these issues is providing shelter for those afflicted by sickness and disease. And even though it can feel like an overwhelming task, there is something we can do about it.

In the video below, the American Cancer Society reminds us of that simple fact. Many cancer patients must travel in order to receive the best possible quality health care, but are often unable to do so because they can’t afford a place to stay. This means that thousands of people are denied the care they need because of something as pragmatic as finding affordable accommodation. When such medical advances in cancer treatment have been made in recent years, it seems a shame that for some people, the difference between life and death is simply being able to afford a room.

The fight against cancer has made huge strides, and is continuing to do so. But that progress could all be for nothing if we don’t take these practical concerns into account. Now that we know how to treat patients, it is only a matter of making that care accessible to all. Last year the American Cancer Society provided lodging for 50,000 patients and caregivers. Let’s continue to make sure that everyone who needs a room gets one! Watch the video after the jump and visit the American CancerSociety’s website to make noise to finish the fight against cancer.

This post is sponsored by The American Cancer Society.


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