The Gwynnett St. Saga Just Got Weirder

Photo via Serious Eats, Clark pictured at left
Photo via Serious Eats, Clark pictured at left

In the wake of last week’s startling reports that Gwynnett St. owner Carl McCoy had allegedly been involved with molly trafficking (he’s since vehemently denied the whole thing), Eater reports that chef Owen Clark abruptly left his post at the restaurant, and took a great deal of the staff with him. McCoy told the site that clark departed “with no notice catching us by complete surprise.”

Clark—the same chef who once left a screed in our comments section saying, “I make food for people who like food, not for coupon clippers and fake poor folks”—has since explained, “The association with international drug trafficking, Federal informing, and recent financial troubles all made the restaurant unworkable for me. I am simply in mourning for the restaurant I helped to build, carried through the better part of this year, and ultimately have had to walk away from due to circumstances totally beyond my control.”

Regardless, the restaurant plans to re-open with a small bar menu on December 27th, and has canceled a planned New Year’s Eve dinner.

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