After Leaving Park Slope, Two Boots Pizza Comes To Williamsburg


Truthfully, I’ve never really gotten the fuss surrounding Two Boots—the celebrity-themed topping combos are a welcome gimmick, and it’s nice that they’re kid-friendly, I’ve just never been able to get past the weird crust—but regardless, people were pretty heartbroken when the chain’s Park Slope location closed earlier this year.

So this may come as cold comfort to regulars of the old Park Slope place, but the chain will actually be getting a new Brooklyn location, having taken the space being vacated by recently-closed (and also beloved) Driggs Pizza in Williamsburg. “Driggs Pizza (a personal favorite of mine) was for sale and we’d been looking for the right spot to relaunch Two Boots in Brooklyn, with the Park Slope branch shutting down after 24 years,” said Two Boots’ owner Phil Hartman.

The new place’ll apparently have a small beer and wine bar, and a backyard party space. More importantly, they’ll be serving the new “Animal Collective” slices which, as you could probably guess, feature a bunch of different types of meat, including andouille meatballs. Sad to see Driggs Pizza go, but we could think of worse replacements.

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