It’s Happening: Sriracha’s Manufacturers Have Stopped Shipments


That Sriracha shortage we were talking about a couple weeks back? Not hyperbole, it turns out, but a very real problem, and the LA Times is now reporting that the sauce’s parent company, Huy Fong Foods, has been forced by the California Department of Public Health to cease all shipments until mid-January.

The shut-down comes amid an ongoing legal fight with the city of Irwindale, whose residents claim Sriracha’s production releases a smell into the town that’s caused a series of health problems for residents. The 30-day shutdown is already causing problems for wholesalers, including one who estimated up to $300,000 in lost sales per month, and told the paper, “We have already received more than 30 angry phone calls today. It drives me crazy because this is the first time we have been in this situation.” Another said, “We’ll lose money. Their sauce is not easily replaced.”

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  1. Come on down to the south, we will welcome you with open arms!…..your tax dollar, your jobs, and we will give you incentives! Greensboro, North Carolina wants you!

  2. I say leave California. We have a welcome wagon ready for you in Rockford, IL …

    A city with a strong history of manufacturing dating back to the 1900’s and the workforce of unemployed residents to fully staff your new facility. I am sure the city would gladly talk to you about tax breaks. We are a centralized hub for great distribution across the US. We need manufacturing back in this city. Forget the long legal fights with those snobby Cali peeps who are not wanting work in their community. We have vacant manufacturing buildings just waiting for the Sriracha sign.


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