Andrew Cuomo and Billy Joel are BFFs

Image via Fashion + Lifestyle
Image via Fashion + Lifestyle

Just an unexpected little best friend update from the Times: Billy Joel and Governor Cuomo are bosom buds, according to yesterday’s dispatch, “Piano Man and Friend.” “The men have become close friends in the past several years, bonding over shared love of boats, motorcycles and Italian food,” the Times writes. Billy Joel even re-wrote the lyrics of “Honesty” into jokes about Cuomo. D’aww.

The article chronicles a nice little series of BFF activities for the aging and well-off: “Mr. Joel” (his best moniker since Gwyneth Paltrow coined “William Joel”) and the governor boat together, dine together, go on “tribute motorcycle ride[s] to ground zero” together on 9/11, and one performs at the other’s $50,000-per-head fundraiser birthday dinner.

It’s a weird, unexpected, but totally pleasant vignette, and mainly useful for an aside comparing the relationship to Chris Christie’s “unrequited” friend crush on Bruce Springsteen, who he’s supposedly seen in concert 130 times. Super embarrassing for him! And another reason to feel real good about Bruce. Anyway, that’s what a few wealthy older men have been up to. Seems nice. And like a safe bet that Cuomo’s the stabilizing force in the relationship.

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