Reminder: Up To 30% Off At Brooklyn Shops Tomorrow For Small Business Saturday


As we loll around in sweats wondering how early is too early to start work on our first leftover sandwich (or get into our first glass of leftover wine), now feels like as good a time as any to remind you that not only do you not have to leave the house to participate in the national nightmare that is Black Friday, but you can hold off a day and do something even better: Small Business Saturday.

It’s a nationwide event that’s been picking up steam over the past few years, but a particularly strong force here in Brooklyn, which is, as you’ve probably heard a few hundred times, sort of a haven for small businesses. Many of which happen to be selling their wares at huge discounts this weekend. Maybe the craziest is Melville House, which is extending its online Black Friday sale throughout the weekend, offering up all their books and merch like Bartleby tote bags at 50 percent off all weekend.

As far as actual brick and mortars go, Brooklyn Fox has their wares marked down 30 percent all weekend, Twig Terrariums is doing 20 percent, as is Williamsburg’s Beam, a good source for all-purpose gift-buying if ever there was. For a more comprehensive list American Express put together a map of participating businesses, but really, community is sort of the point here (as is supporting non-corporations, putting money back into the local economy, and getting all your holiday shopping done in one fell swoop) so stroll around, pop into places, and use this as an opportune excuse to visit the stores where you normally try to exercise restraint. And until then? We can all go back to watching Christmas movies we’ve seen a million times before and perusing the #walmartfights feed on Twitter.

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  1. Yes, Small Business Saturday is exciting for small brands such as mine! Although i operate solely online, I am a Brooklyn girl. I hope fellow BK residents decide to shop small this year!


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