And Brooklyn’s Newest “Hipster” Neighborhood Is….

Photo via C.J. Hughes/New York Times
Photo via C.J. Hughes/New York Times

If the Wall Street Journal and yet another data map are to be believed, it’s low-key (but not low-key for looong!) Greenwood Heights. And why not! It’s Park Slope- and cemetery- adjacent, which is reason enough as-is. But there’s actual data backing this up, too.

According to RealtyTrac, which put together a map of  the best “hipster zips” (ugh) for return on rental properties nationwide—yes, San Francisco’s on there, too—criteria for a high value hipster neighborhood include “disproportionately large population in the prime hipster age range—between 25 and 34,” high percentage of citizens who use public transportation, high percentage of renters (as opposed to property owners), and low vacancy rates. In other words, it has to be popular and full of young people. They also sort of state the obvious:

“Thanks to an influx of trendy restaurants, bars, coffee  shops and other amenities,” the company explains, “a neighborhood branded as hipster is likely to see  property values and rental rates rise while vacancies and foreclosures decline.”

A little unexpectedly, the area in Brooklyn that fits the bill most, at least according to the site, is in the 11232 zip code, which encompasses the (admittedly, debated) borders of Greenwood Heights. Elsewhere in New York, they pointed to Sunnyside and Hoboken as burgeoning hot spots (there were none in Manhattan). What does it all mean? Down with north Brooklyn? Up with cemetery proximity? Or just useful information if you happen to be in the real estate business, and a means of killing time before we all get offline and go about our respective Thanksgiving plans.

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