Let’s Overanalyze the New Trailer for GIRLS Because It’s a Rainy Friday Afternoon


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Lena Dunham released the trailer for the upcoming season of GIRLS today, and because it’s a Friday afternoon, and because you’re probably all sitting at your desks watching the minutes of your work day (and life!) tick by, we thought you might want to overanalyze every single second of the show’s teaser with us, because what else are you going to do on a Friday afternoon?

Here are the things we now know after watching the trailer, along with the things we think we know, and finally there are the things we think we think know.

We Now Know

Hannah went to a professional to fix her hair. At the end of last season, Hannah chopped off her hair in her bathroom, using what we can only imagine were dull scissors. Never do this! Hannah’s hair looked awful. Well, now it looks great.

Hannah gets a real job. We see her at a cubicle. We see her interviewing at what looks to be a publishing company. She’s working! Good for her.

Hannah is in therapy. In therapy, she says things like, “I hold the keys to the prison that is my mind.” This is definitely something that people say in therapy. And that therapists have to take seriously. In other words, many therapists are saints.

Jessa is back. We know this for sure now. Not that there was ever any real doubt.

Ray still speaks the truth. He says to Hannah, “Why don’t you place just one crumb of basic human compassion on this fat-free muffin of sociopathic detachment and see how it tastes?” We don’t know what that means! But we’re sure it’s the truth.


Things We Think We Know

Hannah and Adam are back together. A lot of the clips in this trailer show the two of them together. They’re in the woods together. They’re sitting at on the floor at a coffee table together. They’re talking about how little they care about Hannah’s friends together. This is, we think, couple stuff.

Shoshannah is getting over her breakup with Ray by having lots of reckless sex. We’re pretty sure about this because she’s shown having sex. So. Will she smoke more crack? We’ll just have to stay tuned.

Marnie and Charlie broke up. Or maybe Charlie died? And that’s why Marnie is exercising obsessively and is not really doing fine, even though she insists that she is? We think that probably they just broke up. But we’re kind of hoping Charlie died.

Everyone hates Jessa. Well, we don’t hate Jessa. But everyone else does. Her own friend pretended to be DEAD so that Jessa would stay away. And Shosh, who used to idolize her cousin (yes! they’re cousins! we remember everything about this show), now couldn’t care less about her.

Things We Think We Think We Know

Elijah hooked up with another rich, old guy, who has a sick house on Fire Island. We see everyone waiting to take a ferry, and they also are seen by a pool near a gorgeous wood-shingled house, and then there’s Elijah! Hugging and kissing Hannah! We’re going to go ahead and guess that everyone’s visiting him on Fire Island, because that’s what you do when your gay ex-boyfriend has a great summer house. You take advantage of it.

Adam wants Hannah to make a choice between him and her friends. Which, we sort of understand that. Marnie, after all, is the worst. But women never choose men over their friends. Not in real life, and definitely not on TV. Especially on a show called GIRLS. So, probably, they’ll break up.

Hannah achieves some level of professional success. We’re not sure about this, because Hannah is kind of a mess. But she is working in publishing. And we’d like to think she’ll have some sort of career arc that’s longer than one episode. Or, if not Hannah, we’d like to see any of the characters work at something they care about. That’s a real part of being in your twenties! 

All the main characters develop personally and professionally. This sort of ties into Hannah having some success in her career. We hope it happens for everyone on the show. And we’d like to think it will. After all, one of the best lines of this trailer is when Hannah tells Adam, “It’s really liberating to say no to shit you hate.” So we hope that all the characters start saying no to dumb shit—like stupid Charlie, and toxic relationships, and overusing emoji—and feel liberated and grow. Here’s to hoping!

 GIRLS comes back January 12, 2014 on HBO.

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  1. “women never choose men over their friends”….not true.

    not. true. or maybe i just have awful friends…or maybe im an awful friend. either way..it definitely happens. im going to pull a Rain Man and say DEFINITELY DEFINITELY HAPPENS. DEFINITELY.


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