Brooklyn Now Has A Bar That Won’t Serve Booze To Anyone Under 25

Photo via Phil's Crummy Corner/Facebook
Photo via Phil’s Crummy Corner/Facebook

Supposedly, the idea here is to placate angry neighbors, but Phil’s Crummy Corner (where just last April someone was arrested with a full 18 bags of marijuana) may be onto something bigger here.

“You will be shocked about the number of conversations you can hear from my bed,” a neighbor of the Columbia Street Waterfront District bar told DNAinfo, echoing what seems to be a community-wide frustration with PCC’s noise level on weekends. “They’re animals. Friday and Saturday night, it’s like animal town.” But then, couldn’t most New York neighborhoods on Friday and Saturday nights be described as such? Would it be so bad if everyone followed this place’s lead, and stopped serving booze to anyone under 25 after 10pm, other than the most trusted of regulars?

Economically speaking, I guess it could be, but otherwise, not seeing a whole lot to oppose here. And if we can raise the smoking age to 21, we can do anything.

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  1. A FULL 18 bags of MARIJUANA!? Good Golly GOSH! What is this world coming to!? I just hope those bags had some kind of descriptive size to them, so the police knew how much it actually was! Unlike the author of this article!

  2. I think anyone of any age can be a drunk asshole. If the bar is finding that its under 25 patrons are the most noisy and unruly after ten then they have a case. But I would also advise the bar to set up a sign like other bars that says keep the noise down, respect our neighbors. They can also enforce noise control with their staff.


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