In Bushwick, You Can Live In A Dilapidated Former School Bus For $8,000

Image via Craigslist
Image via Craigslist

Inevitably, a housing option that’s gurgled up from Craigslist to make even the designer dumpster look like a pretty good deal: this 1998 Bluebird School Bus, which someone is peddling for a cool $8,000.

Amenities include a propane heater and a couple of flashlights, and the seller writes:

It is converted into a mobile home, and can be legally driven with a regular drivers’ license in most or all states including New York.
98′ Cummins CTB Engine and Allison Transmission; These are very good things. ’98 is considered a very strong year for Cummins engines-why, I do not know, though I was told this when I bought the bus and this was confirmed by mechanics before and after buying the bus.
More importantly, yes, it does have a functioning intercom with a talkie device-and that was always the favorite, most excellent feature aboard the “HMS Allenby” as I called it.

They also note that “it has been graffiti’d up as it has been in Brooklyn.” Unclear what the exact utility of an intercom system is within a 40 foot school bus, but if this is your thing (or if you have nearly 10 grand to blow in the process of making something your “thing”), then by all means. Strike while the iron is hot.

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