Dining Solo? 10 of The Best Places in Brooklyn to Eat Dinner at the Bar


In any given week, we tend to write a lot of lists pointing you in the direction of bars and restaurants that’ll be exactly right for a specific occasion, food hankering, liquor preference… essentially any excuse to talk about worthy local operations. But really, there aren’t a lot of needs more specific than those of a person eating out alone, whether you’re taking a mental break from work or family, or just don’t happen to have set plans for the night.

The place shouldn’t be too loud (though, a restaurant should never be too loud), can’t be a family-style thing (meaning, no Fette Sau), and most importantly, has to have a spacious, well-staffed bar where you can stake out a spot and replenish your reserves over dinner and cocktails, in as much (or as little) peace as you want. Here are ten tried and true places in Brooklyn that do just that.



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