Reminder: Don’t Buy A Haunted House Just Because It’s Cheap


Because 62 percent of Americans apparently need reminding: don’t buy a house you think might be inhabited by ghosts, even (or especially) if some realtor is trying to foist it on you at fire sale prices. Do. Not. Do it.

Oh, still on the fence? Still among the 25 percent of people who apparently wouldn’t be too bothered by objects levitating in their home? Some words of wisdom from Carmen Reed, whose own haunted house inspired The Haunting In Connecticut: “At first I thought it would be a neat Halloween conversation piece, but it didn’t turn out that way […] In lots of ways, the subtle reality of spirits in a house [is] much more frightening than the things that slap you in the face. They get your adrenaline going and the fear builds to a crescendo. Those things can also cause you to think you are losing your mind.”

Yeesh. Reed also reported “heebie jeebies” in the house, and the occasional phantom smell of popcorn. Not worth the risk. Not at all.

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