Dinner and Drinks at 9 Bushwick Restaurants The Michelin Guide Forgot

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What to Order: Cripsy Kale and Avocado Sandwich, Bloody Mary
A neighborhood stalwart, the menu at Tandem tends to get overshadowed by its (deserved) reputation as one of the best late-night spots in North Brooklyn. But to ignore it is a mistake. Their brunch is particularly restorative, but dinner is a perfect time to stop by, too. They can earnestly lay claim to some of the best use of kale in the entire borough (really), and the spicy, complex Bloody Marys are so good you’ll still want to consume them after the sun’s gone down. For what it’s worth, it’s also a nice change of pace to get here before the usual crush of evening patrons, when asking for a relatively involved cocktail won’t qualify as a terrible thing to do to the bartender.

236 Troutman St., Brooklyn


  1. See, I was really excited to try Mama Joy’s about two weeks ago, but when I called to make a reservation someone told me that they had to scale back to just serving bar type food, because the restaurant style dining cost them too much money. Now I don’t know if I really want to try it. I was excited about having a nice dining experience there, even though they still have the sit down tables, the new menu has turned me off a little


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