Dinner and Drinks at 9 Bushwick Restaurants The Michelin Guide Forgot

Photo courtesy of The Rookery
Photo courtesy of The Rookery

The Rookery

What to order: Curried Goat Shepards Pie, Belhaven Black Stout
There aren’t a lot of things that go better with cold weather than heavy, rib-sticking British food paired with whiskey or incredibly dark beer. Meaning, then, that The Rookery (which just opened last month) has been and incredibly welcome addition to Bushwick’s culinary landscape. They’ve got a lot of excellent whiskey cocktails on deck, but right now, washing down some spicy meat with a thick Scottish stout feels especially right.

425 Troutman St.


  1. See, I was really excited to try Mama Joy’s about two weeks ago, but when I called to make a reservation someone told me that they had to scale back to just serving bar type food, because the restaurant style dining cost them too much money. Now I don’t know if I really want to try it. I was excited about having a nice dining experience there, even though they still have the sit down tables, the new menu has turned me off a little


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