Dinner and Drinks at 9 Bushwick Restaurants The Michelin Guide Forgot

Image via WHRTNY
Image via WHRTNY

Verde Coal Oven

What You Should Order: Lucky Charlie Pizza, their cheapest red wine
We’ve given a lot of lip service to Verde in the past, and with good reason. There aren’t a lot of places where you can settle indefinitely into a huge booth, washing authentic coal oven pizza down with red wine and listening to more Frank Sinatra than you’ve heard in one sitting maybe ever. These kinds of restaurants are few and far between. The delicate crust here tends to get overwhelmed by the addition of too many toppings, so best to stick with their “Lucky Charlie,” a mouth-watering white pizza with gorgonzola that’s been on their menu since the very beginning.

254 Irving Ave.


  1. See, I was really excited to try Mama Joy’s about two weeks ago, but when I called to make a reservation someone told me that they had to scale back to just serving bar type food, because the restaurant style dining cost them too much money. Now I don’t know if I really want to try it. I was excited about having a nice dining experience there, even though they still have the sit down tables, the new menu has turned me off a little


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