Dinner and Drinks at 9 Bushwick Restaurants The Michelin Guide Forgot

Photo via Niki Achitoff-Gray/Serious Eats
Photo via Niki Achitoff-Gray/Serious Eats

Cafe Ghia

What to Order: Burger and a beer at happy hour
While the entire menu at Ghia is thoughtful and well-executed (and also, one of the more vegetarian- and vegan-friendly in the neighborhood), at their weekday happy hour, which runs from 3—6pm, you can get one of their excellent grass-fed burgers or a vegan burger and a beer for just $15. Doesn’t get a whole lot better than that.

24 Irving Ave.


  1. See, I was really excited to try Mama Joy’s about two weeks ago, but when I called to make a reservation someone told me that they had to scale back to just serving bar type food, because the restaurant style dining cost them too much money. Now I don’t know if I really want to try it. I was excited about having a nice dining experience there, even though they still have the sit down tables, the new menu has turned me off a little


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