7 Brooklyn Restaurants Where You Should Always Order Dessert


We admit it…as much as we tend to greedily order as much as we can off of restaurant menus, we’re often resistant to allocating extra money and calories towards dessert. Because as opposed to, yes, Manhattan – where intricately plated pastries often warrant their own tasting flights – there are too many local restaurants where you’re lucky to get a nondescript scoop of ice cream or a prepackaged wedge of tiramisu. And then there are the expected “chefs” desserts (a sure sign that they don’t know their sable from their pate sucree) like crepes, poached fruit and pain perdu. It’s called french toast, thank you very much, and we can just as easily make it at home.

That’s why we’re giving it up to these sweets-loving eateries, who are making noteworthy desserts that merit a dinner reservation all on their own.


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