Brooklyn’s Most Macabre Restaurant Dishes


There’s nothing like food to get you into the holiday spirit, and Halloween is no exception. But you’re all big boys and girls now, so leave the candy apples, deviled egg eyeballs and miniature Baby Ruth’s for the trick-or-treaters….because these Brooklyn eateries have put blood and guts — sometimes literally — into some truly macabre, undeniably adult delicacies.



St. Anselm’s Sweet-Tea Brined Young Chicken: It’s all about nose-to-tail eating nowadays — or in the case of the sweet tea-brined young chicken at this Williamsburg grill house — head to foot. The disarmingly named bird arrives succulent and moist on the inside, charred and crispy on the outside, and with grasping talons and wizened face quite shockingly intact.

355 Metropolitan Ave, (718) 384–5054


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