10 Easy, DIY Meme Costumes for HallowMeme 2013


c/o investorplace.com
c/o investorplace.com

Grumpy Cat is so 2012.

So Halloween might still be ten long days away, but Hallowmeme is this Thursday, so you’re running out of time to get ready! And Hallowmeme combines two of our favorite things: costumes and the Internet!

But in case you haven’t been paying as close attention to everything that’s been popular online in the last year as I have (it’s my JOB), I’ve rounded up a few of the years most beloved memes and some simple ways that you can outfit yourself so that you don’t have to resort to wearing a leotard, whiskers, light blue contacts, and enough makeup to give you Grumpycat’s perpetual scowl. Not that there’s anything wrong with Grumpycat! It’s just that—as a meme—he’s been done. Here, though, are ten memes that weren’t around last Halloween, and all of them are easy enough to pull together over the next few days. And, look, will other people be wearing these costumes too? Sure! Because there are only so many popular things on the Internet each year. But that’s really part of the fun of Hallowmeme—seeing who else is dressed like you and laughing at the craziness and redundancies of the Internet and, by extension, our culture at large.



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