5 Places in Brooklyn That May or May Not Be Haunted


Brooklyn Public Library

A few days before Halloween in 1977, a young girl named Agatha Cunningham went missing in the library during a school trip, and was never found again. Rumors have swirled ever since that her ghost haunts the building (particularly the basement stacks), but it doesn’t seem to be a major institutional concern. The library actually has a section of their website devoted to the story, and even posted a short film made about the phenomenon in 2011. This branch stays open til 9pm—a far later and spooookier closing time than most library branches—so if nothing else, can’t hurt to stay late in the relatively empty stacks and see whether or not anything haunts you.


  1. The Brooklyn Inn. Not only is it haunted, it is also rumoured to be attracting both metaphorical and literal ghosts to stop by for a drink.


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