5 Places in Brooklyn That May or May Not Be Haunted

Like so.
Like so.

Of course, this should be a going concern any time of year, but there’s no point pretending that people don’t get a little more interested in ghosts, hauntings, and general paranormal activity as soon as mid-to-late October rolls around. It’s been drilled into us since childhood (and, I suppose, since the days of the pagans).

And whether you’re more inclined toward active ghost-hunting, quiet fear, or giving the souls of the dead the space and respectful distance they deserve (better safe than sorry), it’s worth knowing where in Brooklyn you’re more or less likely to run into a ghost. Luck favors the prepared, etc. Here are five places in the borough where it’s a little more possibly than usual to encounter a person who happens to be dead. Or, at least, hear a scary noise or two.


  1. The Brooklyn Inn. Not only is it haunted, it is also rumoured to be attracting both metaphorical and literal ghosts to stop by for a drink.


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