Bands with Pans: Dismemberment Plan


All photos by Gustavo Ponce

Bands With Pans is a series in which we shop for meal ingredients with a Brooklyn-based band or artist on a $20 budget. Next we tag along for the cooking, chatting and—duh—eating. This installment, we bug emo pioneers The Dismemberment Plan, who  today release Uncanney Valley, their first new album in over a decade. 

Park Slope Food Coop is actually not pronounced “COOP” even though that’s how their sign reads. On a sunny weekday afternoon, the store front buzzes. Members in orange vests collecting carts, walking groceries home for patrons—smiling like they mean it. When The Dismemberment Plan’s frontman Travis Morrison and bassist Eric Axelson arrive, they smile sincerely, too.

Members only. Just kidding, we got in, also.
Members only. Just kidding, we got in, also.

Coop member Travis leads us up a narrow staircase to get cleared for entry. He explains his wife, Katherine, turned him on to the fabulous ways of PSFC. He, like all the other PSFC members dutifully completes his mandatory 2 hours 45 minutes volunteer service in the space every four weeks.


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