10 Brooklyn Neighborhood Restaurants and Bars Where You Ought to Become a Regular

6a00d83451be5969e200e54f49ca4d8834-640wiVariety is the key to life and everything, but sometimes you just want what’s familiar, right? And so as much fun as it is to try a new restaurant or bar each time you go out (and with so many new spots opening up in Brooklyn, it’s possible to never repeat a location), there’s nothing quite like being a regular customer, and walking into a place where, yes, everybody knows your name. One of the great benefits of living in Brooklyn is that we have so many reliably great places liberally sprinkled amid all the trendy, new spots, and so you can have the best of both worlds.

What makes a restaurant or bar a great place to be a regular? Well, it shouldn’t be too trendy—no hour-long waits on a Tuesday night at nine. And it can’t be too expensive—you don’t want to break the bank going to this place more than once a week. And the staff should be friendly—this is no time for distracted waiters or surly bartenders. But it should still be a nice enough spot that you feel like you’re treating yourself—dive bars and greasy spoons, these are not. The following restaurants and bars all manage to feel like both a treat for yourself and somewhere you can go to relax. Go to them often enough, and you’ll soon be as comfortable as if you were visiting family.


  1. Thistle Hill Tavern has had a Pending Sign on their window. This signifies they did not make an A Grade when they were inspected for cleanliness.


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