10 of The Best Places To Write in Brooklyn


  • Image via WSJ

Even if your at-home work space somehow has the ideal combination of privacy, natural light, high speed internet, and proximity to snacks and a coffee machine, if you spend any significant amount of time writing at home, chances are you’ve experienced your fair share of cabin fever. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Some would even say that a desire to go outdoors, interact with other people, and eat something that isn’t a sad cobbled-together meal of leftovers from your fridge is a healthy thing. Whatever your particular motivation, finding just the right place to situate yourself for hours on end while nursing the same cup of drip coffee can be surprisingly difficult—I once saw the owner of Athom Cafe kick a guy out of an otherwise empty seating area just for pulling a laptop out of his bag. Different people have different policies. Now, if your preferred method really is longhand and your day-to-day work doesn’t require internet access or any kind of outlet, then by all means, go find the shadiest tree in Prospect Park and go to town. But for the rest of us that are hopelessly tethered to these kind of amenities, here are ten of the best places to hunker down when working from home has lost all appeal.


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