The 6 Best Car Services in Brooklyn

Me? I’ll walk, or I’ll wait for the subway—like, I’ll take a nap on a bench at 2am waiting for an R, because it’ll come! Eventually! But I know the rest of you like to take cabs, phoning up favorite car services because “fuck that, I am not taking the train.” But who do you call? A 2010 Yellow Pages I just found lists literally hundreds of different numbers! So I polled my friends, a taxi-taking set of twentysomething bargoers, about which places are the best: the friendliest, cheapest, most reliable. This is what they said.


  1. Interestingly enough, just yesterday one of Arecibo’s drivers attempted to shake down an employee of mine for $45 for a fare and demanded his watch as a fair trade when my employee objected.

  2. Arecibo is very hit or miss. I’ve had great, courteous drivers and I’ve had drivers who locked the door and wouldn’t let me out unless I paid them $28 for a trip from Brooklyn Heights to Tribeca (no traffic, no tunnel, no snow, no credit card.)

    It’s kinda the wild wild west out there.

  3. pretty good although I’m surprised Continental Car service is not on this list. they’ve been around for years and there pretty good too. in park slope 718-499-0909

  4. I think you are missing one of the best, Northside Luxury they are located in Brooklyn also in the community of Williamsburg, very reliable service…..


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