Where Are the Oldest Buildings In Brooklyn? Take A Look At Five of Them

This is one of the oldest houses in Brooklyn. Its very old.

  • This is one of the oldest houses in Brooklyn. It’s very old.

Do you feel like getting lost in a map for a little while? Of course you do. Maps are the best. So much information! And all in one place. Amazing. And one of the best maps that I’ve seen lately was put together by the website BKLYNR and titled “Block by Block, Brooklyn’s Past and Present.” Utilizing amounts of data that quite frankly make my head spin, BKLYNR put together a map where you can look up every single house in Brooklyn and see when it was built. So cool.

While it’s not too hard to guess where the newest houses in Brooklyn are (I mean, have you never walked along the Williamsburg waterfront?), it’s really fascinating to see where the oldest houses are hiding. And unlike in other parts of America, where the oldest houses only date back to the 20th-century (that’s nothing!), here in Brooklyn, we’ve got some legitimately old houses. Here’s a look at five of Brooklyn’s oldest houses. Some of them look exactly what you’d expect an old house to look like, while others? Let’s just say that a lot of remodeling has taken place over the course of a couple of centuries.


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