The Coffee Options of DUMBO: Ranked


It may have its defenders, but for the most part, DUMBO gets a lot of deserved flack as an office-heavy neighborhood with deeply unsatisfying lunch options. It’s not the worst problem anyone’s ever had, but it’s just one more part of the day that’s a little bit sad, and generally expensive. But one notable bright spot all this? The coffee.

The selection is actually kind of staggering. And not just with fancy kinds that’ll set you back as much as an actual lunch! There’s normal iced coffee, multiple varieties of fancy iced coffee, candy-flavored deli coffee, french-y coffee, legitimate espresso, an entire roasting company, and the only Starbucks I ever regularly see in Brooklyn. It’s a lot. So much so that the decision process here is almost as difficult as choosing between the disappointing food options, albeit in a better, tyranny-of-choice kind of way. Meaning, then, that this is best handled with an arbitrary ranking based entirely on one person’s opinion? Good.


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