Brooklyn On a Budget: 10 Cheap Eats at Brooklyn’s Best Restaurants

Cabbage. Cabbage is a good budget food.

Living in Brooklyn has, as we all know, both good and bad parts. As does everything, I guess. But we’re not talking about everything. We’re talking about living in Brooklyn, and, really, we’re talking about food. There is a lot of really good food in Brooklyn. And a lot of it is pretty cheap. Which is nice, it really is. But not all of it is cheap, and some of the most talked about and interesting spots to eat are the most expensive. Which, we get it. That’s how the world works. Or, at least, that’s how New York works. But, just because you don’t make tons of money and just because you can’t afford to spend the cost of an unlimited monthly Metrocard (or more) on a single dinner, doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to a meal at one of Brooklyn’s finest restaurants. You just have to order intelligently, and you’ll get to eat as well for twenty bucks as the people sitting next to you who splurged on the seven-course tasting menu. Will you be eating as much? Well, no. But quality is more important than quantity, right? Right.


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